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From the bend in the road, about 300 yards along the road to Boyton from the Capel St Andrew crossroads, take the hard farm road, signed as a public footpath. In about half a mile pass through Butley Ferry Farm, with the farmhouse on the left. Pass through a gate and continue along a grass path with a hedge on the left. Where the hedge you are following bends half left, keep straight on to a metal gate. Go through the gate, cross a cart bridge over a drainage ditch, cross a stile and climb a bank.

In front of you at the top of the bank is a landing stage on the tidal Butley River. It is here that a ferry occasionally runs across the river. Turn right along the flood protection bank, which I will call the river wall. Very soon cross a stile and pass the River Tang Sluice where the River Tang discharges into the tidal waters.

Continue along the river wall with the river on the left and a wide parallel drainage ditch a few yards away on the right. The meadows, ponds and ditches on the right are an RSPB nature reserve.

Pass on the left Boyton Dock, an old quay where the brick walls of a former storage building are still standing. Eventually the river wall makes a sharp right turn. Here is where the Butley River joins the River Ore.

Keeping on the river wall, you will see Havergate Island on the left. This island in the Ore Estuary is an RSPB reserve, reached by boat from Orford.

After crossing a stile, pass the end of Havergate Island. Here the river wall bends slightly right. Notice the signs of coastal erosion with many displaced concrete slabs at the water's edge. Soon there is an area of salt marsh between the river and the wall.

Pass a boat storage area at the edge of the water. Later reach a point where a track from the salt marsh ramps up over the river wall and continues inland through a gate. This is a public footpath to Boyton and could be used as a short cut.

Keep along the river wall. Cross a stile. Here the river wall bends left and in about 50 Yards bends right to continue in the same southerly direction as before.

In about 100 yards, turn right along the top of a narrow bank at the same height as the river wall and make for a stile at the edge of a wood 50 yards away.

Go through the wood, which is just a narrow shelterbelt of trees and continue along the edge of a field with a hedge on the right. At the end of the field turn right along a concrete Farm track. Pass Boyton Hall Farm on, the right and in a further 100 yards or so, turn left at a T junction and walk up into Boyton village.

Come to a road junction opposite the village hail (note the village sign), and turn right along The Street.

A quarter mile beyond the houses, the road turns sharp left. There is a track off right leading to Banters Barn, the Bird reserve and Boyton Dock. Keep along the road, soon to pass Dock Farm on the right. Beyond it cross a bridge over The Tang and in quarter of mile return to the start.

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