Scale of Charges




Boyton Village Hall Scale of Charges

Boyton Village Hall is open for hire with a scale of charges given below.  Note that a hiring of the hall includes use of all the facilities.  Recent increases in electricity tariff have meant that hall charges have also had to be increased.
Please ring Wendy Jesty on 01394 410055 (or 411469) to make bookings.

Hall Half-Hourly Rate (10am – 11.45pm)


Elections (all day)

£190 per day +electricity

Wedding Receptions (all inclusive)

£120 per day

Marquee charge

£40 per day

Private Party/Disco (7pm-11.45pm)

£35 per evening

Children’s parties

Hall half-hourly rate

Regular monthly Coffee Mornings


Regular weekly Whist Drives



£15 per day

Hire of tent

£25 per day

Hire of chairs

£0.50 each per day

Hire of tables

£1 each per day

Hire of crockery, glassware, cutlery

£0.10 per day per item.





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