The Bell Inn

Historic Photo
Tramps Supper 1960



It is nice to reflect on times gone past:

This was a pub of no other pretension than what it was - a place for a man to have a drink and play the odd game of darts if he wants to. They came here by tractor and van, by bicycle and foot and the converstaion was relaxed local gossip indispersed with lively discussion on the right time of year to dig up carrots or how best to store onions. The loos were basic in those days and ladies were shown into the private bathroom. There were no carpets, no polished brasses and no bar snacks and this was the ideal stopping place for walkers. On a hot day it is bliss to sit outside in the shade, to rub warm crinked feet through the cool grass, to drink a cold beer and listen to the Suffolkness inside the pub. It was Tolly then!

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