Historic Photo

Norman Maskey Birth
Lavinia Maskey Marriage
Lavinia Reddin death



It is thought that this photo was taken at the time of the first world war because the man holding the horse is Jack Gowen who was in his 70's in 1946.

It seems likely that the four people in the photo who are grouped in the doorway of the Inn are the innkeeper and his family. If the dating of the photo to the First World War is correct, then they could well be William Maskey, his wife Eliza and Lavinia. There were two children of William and Eliza's marriage, and the other child was a son (also William : born in 1893.). The other girl in the doorway is therefore a mystery. Maybe William junior is one of the others in the photo. Lavinia died on 10th December 1918 (entry no 520 in the Boyton burial register).

It is believed that William junior became the owner of The Shop in Boyton, as in 1920 his son Norman was born there. William's occupation was given on his son's birth certificate as a Master Grocer.

The horse was called Diamond and the wagon belonged to the Minters at Dock Farm.

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