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St Andrew's Church overlooks open heathland to the west of the village and together with the Mary Warner almshouses on the west side of the churchyard form a picturesque, achitecturally important group. The Church was almost entirely rebuilt in 1869 but a Norman doorway re-set in the North wall is a fine example of zig-zag continuous moulding on all three arch steps and was described by Pevsner as "exceptional". C13 shafted quoins remain in the Nortwest corner of the nave, near the turret staircase. The original South doorway in the porch contains shield, leopard heads and fleurons in one moulding of the jamb and arch. The church has an atmosphere of warmth, care and good use.

At certain times of the year the churchyard may look overgrown, but that is intentional. There are several wild flowers growing in the churchyard including Meadow Saxifrage (Saxifraga granulata) and it is important not to cut back the foliage before they have a chance to seed.

Visit http://ruththerev.wordpress.com/ to view copies of recent sermons.

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Church keys are available.

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