Millennium Project

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The village became determined to mark the millennium with a meaningful symbol in the lead up to the millennium. Plans were put in in hand to design and erect a village sign on the roadside next to the grounds of the village hall.

Fund raising activities began in earnest and raised over 2600 ! Planning permission was obtained and a design was commissioned with Brian Gaze from Ixworth. Click Sign 1, Sign 2 or Sign 3 to view the initial sketches and Final to see the perfected design.

The sign displayed above was unveiled during the village fete on 30th August 2003. The sign displays Boyton Church, Boyton Dock, the digging of white clay and coprolites in ages past, an anvil from Boyton Forge, Avocets on Havergate Island, as well as deer and various flora to be found in the village. The arms of the Warner family is shown at the top of the sign.

The area around the sign is still being developed; a noticeboard has been installed.

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