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We have been striving for faster Broadband for several years and have delivered wireless Broadband in Hollesley, Shottisham and Shingle Street, but the bandwidth is limited which restrains the number of customers.  A not-for-profit Community Interest Company has now been formed that has obtained grants and installed kit on the Foxhall Road tower (above).  This tower will be operational later in September and will deliver 600MB from sources in London to our part of Suffolk.  Wireless has the advantage that it can serve a large area of the countryside without a lot of expensive infrastructure such as cables, fibre, telegraph poles etc.  This means that customers will shortly be able to obtain 15Mbps download and upload for £15/month.  In addition for a further £7.50 a month with Vonage you can get your phone service through the wireless network so BT is no longer needed!  We are currently seeking further tall structures, such as church towers and other buildings, for relaying the signal to more parishes to the north and east.

It is worth mentioning that Boyton is privileged to be shortly receiving fibre to the premises.  BT and Better Broadband for Suffolk are paying for this, but it is very unlikely that it will be repeated elsewhere in our area without incurring considerable costs.

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