Results of Survey




Here is a plot of download speed against distance to the Shottisham exchange. The distances are measured as the crow flies and may be a lot bigger depending on how the telephone wires zigzag along the roads. Indeed some households may appear to be closer to the exchange but are in fact further away because wires commonly backtrack between the telegraph poles. Please continue to send me figures to include (see contact page below).

It is clear that there is an approximate linear dependence on distance from the exchange. Those people more than 2 miles from the exchange will be lucky to get more than 2 Mbps. The detailed results are given below. It can be seen that people in Hollesley get the best deal and the best value for money. Those of us in Boyton and Bawdsey get much poorer service with some getting less than 20% of what is possible in Hollesley. People in Shingle Street get almost no service at all! These results are probably typical of any rural telephone exchange in the UK.

There are some things that might improve bandwidth for people on the lower speeds for their distance e.g. installing the BT i-Plate or other better ADSL splitters. However, it should be noted that BT reserves the right to throttle all users (even Option 3 customers) between 5pm and midnight down to 896K for 30 days if it feels that other network user are impacted by usage; this is over and above any reduction due to the bandwidth of the connection.

Please keep sending me new figures using the BT speed tester via the contact email at the bottom of this page.

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