Boyton Wood




Boyton Wood is part of the Mary Warner Charity's remaining land and has retained its present form for centuries as a remnant of ancient woodland. The large boundary banks are probably of mediaeval origin (pre - 1600) and in times past the wood was run on a short coppice rotation with standards. The high water table makes the ground flora varied and interesting with primrose, bluebell and violet covering the floor of the wood in spring. Management of the wood has always been a problem for the Mary Warner Trustees as the produce of the 6 1/2 acres is hardly sufficient to meet costs, although the shooting rights have been let.

The Suffolk County planning office have suggested management plans in the past 18 years and much has been done to maintain the wood. In 1987, the October storm felled nearly 40% of the mature timber and the Trustees have replanted about 500 new trees to restock. Hazel coppice has been sold to thatchers and firewood to local residents. The Heritage Coast warden and many volunteer helpers have made great efforts to keep the undergrowth in control and to keep the paths clear. The wood continues to be an asset to the village and to give pleasure to those who walk through it.

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