Whites Suffolk Directory




The text of the above document is as follows:

In 1844 White's Suffolk Directory listed:

Farmers: C & E Bennington, R Johnson, W Miller
Butcher: S Arnold
Joiner: R Bloomfield
Publican: H Summers
Blacksmith: W Clouting

and in 1885:

Farmers: F Johnson, R Johnson, G Ling
Miller: G Martin
Grocer: Mrs Hannah May
Cattle Dealer: N Minter
Bootmaker: D Wolton
Postmaster: T Wolton
Blacksmith: Clouting

After Mrs May the shop was kept by W Disbury, Mr & Mrs Desborough, Mr & Mrs Aldridge, and for a short time Mr & Mrs Malloy. Miss E Clouting became Postmistress in 1906, aged 15. The Post Office and shop were closed down in 1970.

The Post Mill was built in 1824, and destroyed by fire in 1910. There must have been a second windmill at the house still called Pin Mill.

The School was built by the Mary Warner Trust in 1867. After the 1902 Education Act, it was let to the Local Authority, until it was closed in 1939.

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