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- All entries in the marriage registers of St Andrew's Church, Boyton from 1971 to date are listed here. For a copy of the full register entry please send an email to the address on this page.


Husband Wife
Surname First Names Surname First Names
Cassy David Andrew Stoddart Nicola Kathleen
Curtis David Michael Lilley Georgina Mary
Ellis Keith Lawrence Gray Mandy
Finch Paul Lennard Berry Dawn Sylvia
Finlay Sean Godfrey Moore Samantha Jane
Fletcher Andrew Mark Collins Beverley Elizabeth
Foden John Dauncey Doidge Jacqueline Anne
Green James Durbin Paula Sarah
Guthrie David Laurie Foulkes-Jones Gwyneth Ann
Hannatt Andrew John Collins Jacqueline Ann
Hannatt David Laurie Newson Julia Hazel
Heimann Ronald Lee Hannatt Cherrill
Holt Philip Russell Adams Jodie Louise
Hoyle Leslie William Gilligan Louise Elizabeth
Hutchinson Cecil Arundel Glyn-Owen Mary Illsley
Jay Graham Edward Hannatt Jill
Jones Shane William Donnell Nicola Marie
Last Graham Albert Parker Kathleen Elizabeth
Meehan Andrew John Newman Kim Jacqueline
Moss Alec Hannatt Sheila Linda
O'Sullivan Michael Anthony Glyn-Owen Margaret Ann
Quinn Andrew Crawford Jones Denise Angela
Stollery Anthony Gerald Ellis Julie Myra
Swanwick Ian Wright Bone Maureen Betsy Lilian
Woods Alan Glyn-Owen Laura Mary

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