Harling Family




Here is some information supplied by Leigh Harling-Bowen:

My great, great, great grandfather was an agricultural labourer, Edgar Harling (born in Boyton, 1811) and buried in St. Andrews churchyard (burial register no. 143).

Edgar's wife was Mary Ann Harling (born ~1810) and they had 5 children.

William (b. 1834)
Jane (b. 1837)
Edgar (b. 1837)
Ann (b. 1840)
Chas (b. 1843)

Some time after 1843 Edgar died and Mary Ann married a William Robinson (born in Boyton ~1808), who was a tailor. They moved to Hollesley.
Mary Ann is buried at St. Andrews under the name Mary Ann Robinson (burial register no. 325).

My great, great grandfather was William Harling. After a period as a servant with the Prew family (109 Hollesley Grove) he joined the army as an artilleryman. On leaving the army he had a career as a warder at Borstal prison in Kent (the worlds first correction institute for young offenders).

His son, my great grandfather Edgar William Harling was a professional soldier, a Royal Engineer who served under Kitchener at (I believe) the battle of Paardeberg in the Boer war

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