Boyton Manor




At first sight one might imagine that this is a picture of Boyton House with the church in the background especially if it was known that the house was located in the village of Boyton. However, it is in fact a picture of Boyton Manor in the village of Boyton in Wiltshire and built around 1910.

This is an 1816 Watercolor painted by Vicars, and taken from a scrap album. Scrap books or albums date from the 18th century and contained a wide variety of hand written musings, paintings and drawings. The scrap album was looked upon as an extension of a diary - a pleasant reminder of joyful memories, travels and experiences. These early albums were objects of admiration, compiled mainly by women of a certain social standing. Mrs. Vicars certainly took great care in recording her memorable trip to Boyton House. Gold leaf frame, old glass.
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