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What an absolute joy to find your site! ... you have a wonderful site and I shall be visiting it frequently to find out more about my roots!

I typed in www.boyton.com and happily ... I found your website. I especially
enjoyed reading about the town's history. The aerial photos of the town
are fantastic.

Just happened to be 'browsing' through internet sites and came across
Boyton. Was a breath of good, clean, English air

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Thank you very much for the wonderful Boyton site. I have traced my family tree to this village and it is wonderful to be able to learn about the history of the area and its characters.

Can I say how useful the records on Hollesley and Boyton have been and how many wonderful memories have been brought back whilst looking at the sites.

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The Boyton site is very interesting, especially all the old photos and church registers.

Congratulations on the web site. Very clear and easy to navigate.

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I very much enjoyed reading your account of Colonial College virtually the only information available on the internet on this fascinating institution.

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First let me congratulate you on your excellent website that has helped me trace my family history. Well done!

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